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About Me

Professionally, I have over ten years of experience in entrepreneurship and over twenty years of experience in management, business operations, and human resource processes.  

I am currently the Director of Administrative Operations at a private university. 

I completed both my Bachelor’s and Master’s in Organizational Leadership later in life while balancing full-time work and family. 

I am a life-long learner in the areas of professional development and leadership and have a passion to see others succeed and grow.

Rick and Sharon in Yosemite

Rick and Sharon in Yosemite

Personally, I enjoy growing in my faith, writing, reading, watching theatrical plays, health and wellness, hosting intimate gatherings with close friends and great food. 

I have been married to my fun-loving husband for 28 years, and we are enjoying this season of life exploring the beautiful national parks across the United States.

I love spending time with my family and have three adult children and two small grandchildren. I live in Southern California.


  • To experience meaningful personal and professional relationships based on mutual trust, respect, authenticity, and continuous discovery and growth.

  • To design and build solid operational processes in the workplace for optimal performance.

  • To lead and manage from a place of service so that others experience personal, professional, and spiritual growth.


Taking necessary risks for continuous learning and growth

Helping others grow through mentoring and coaching

Purposeful work






Meaningful relationships


Bringing chaos into order

Quiet environments to recharge