About Me


I am Sharon Krueger and am so glad you stopped by for a visit.

Photo by: Jeanine Hill

My blog was born out of a time of transition. In 2017, I had recently graduated with my Master’s degree while working in a full-time job. Being fresh out of school, you would think I would be sick of writing, but I missed the mental stimulation it brought me.  Instead of being ecstatic, I fell into a downward spiral of uncertainty. 

I spent a year in self-inquiry to see what would bring back that sense of fulfillment writing brought me. In my quest, I reached out and learned from others around the world via the internet, who helped me along my path of discovery. It gave me a passion for expanding my circle and assisting others in a meaningful way like they did for me.  I discovered that writing a blog would be perfect for satisfying my desire to write, connect with others, and have a meaningful impact.

I think it is never too late to start something new, to find our voice in that space, and to experience joy from what we learn and share with others.

I have a passion for helping people identify their strengths and discover their purpose by offering perspective and clarity, so they have the confidence to step into their fullest potential. I am an encourager and enjoy helping others grow and succeed.

I blog on the side and work full-time as the Director of Administrative Operations at a private university in Southern California. 

I am a life-long learner in the areas of leadership, management, human resources, and personal development.

Rick and Sharon in Yosemite

Rick and Sharon in Yosemite

Personally, I enjoy writing, reading, watching theatrical plays, health and wellness, growing in my faith, and hosting intimate gatherings with close friends and great food. 

I am married to Rick, my fun-loving husband, and we enjoy exploring the beautiful national parks across the United States. We enjoy spending time with our three adult children and two young grandchildren.